I use books to investigate notions of instability and erasure. This work suggests narratives that are embedded within not only our literature but also our very walls. In these pieces, stories from fragments collide and connect. These prints are composed of book covers from a range of genres; I am fascinated by the way stories form integral parts of larger cultural structures; how we consume and discard them in an endless cycle. Large portions of each cover are erased, creating textural passages that speaks to the decline of print media. Marred and distressed surfaces imply a loss that occurs from damage and aging. These images speak to the mutability and ephemerality of language. The marks and scars create a history of wear and disintegration. The paper in these photographs has a palpable texture; a fragile skin in the process of being shed and renewed. Titles and author names form a word play across the surface of the piece. This work is about surface and texture and what lies beneath. Ultimately, in this work I am exploring literal and metaphorical entropy at the intersection of language, architectural forms and texture.